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\int_{-1}^{1}{|x| \, \text{d}x}

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Write Unicode text in 

Yes, Now it is possible to write unicode text in LaTeX ! Have a look at the tutorial (attached below) for more information. As MikTeX 2.7 includes XeTeX, we just need to configure TeXmaker. Last but not least you can also change the limitation of limited number of fonts! You can use any font in your LaTeX document now.

Here this tutorial shows, how to write Bangla in LaTeX in Windows. Just change the font definition in the preamble to use any other font. You could also study
global PEN v02n1 ban.tex as an example.

More  resources

For more information and help you can use the links listed below:


Homepage of LaTeX project.


AOPS page on latex. It is very helpful for the beginners.


Wikibook on latex: An excellent book on latex.

I have a very nice book about LaTeX in the document section. Have a look!
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