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Welcome to the Official Website of Kushtia Math Circle (KMC)

Kushtia Math Circle is a local math club for the students of Kushtia. The goal of this Math Circle is to encourage the students, who are interested in problem solving, to learn advanced mathematics and solve tricky problems that are beyond the scope of usual classroom mathematics. More generally, this program aims at building a community of mathematics and science enthusiasts in Kushtia. This math circle is directed by Tarik Adnan Moon, a former member of Bangladesh team for International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO). Currently, the math circle is run with the help of local university students, and school teachers.

Apart from offering classes on different mathematical concepts, we conduct special training sessions for the students, who are going to take part in the Bangladesh Mathematical Olympiad (BdMO). We also run a parallel Math School(PMS) when BdMO is over. We usually offer 4 lectures every month. The training covers the basic topics in elementary Mathematics. The standard techniques of problem solving are also taught here. Our very first training session started in 13th December, 2008. It was a month long training, and we took 3 classes per week.

We welcome everyone to our journey, and we believe that through this website we shall be able to spread the message to everyone:

"Not knowledge is power but knowledge sharing is power."

As we believe in sharing knowledge, we'll share our handouts, transcripts and problems sets here. You can find them in the document section. It already contains some very good training materials (new problem sets are coming soon!). Moreover, you can get all information about BdMO Preparation in our FAQ page, and reviews on problem books, and text books Here. Check them out!

You can also find a comprehensive collection of BdMO Problems here.

Also check the Important Links section. This page contains a lot of awesome links of math Olympiad related websites.

If you have any question regarding problem solving, or if you want to share any problem with us, please register at the BdMO online forum (registration is free), and post your question(s).

Training at KMC

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  • Training for 2011 Part 1 of the training session has almost completed. This part was conducted by local university students and school teachers.Part 2 of the training session for BdMO National will ...
    Posted Jan 18, 2011, 7:52 PM by math mad
  • Resource Section We planned to add a resource section in this website. However, later I found that the most convenient way would be to discuss it in the BdMO Online Forum.We ...
    Posted Jan 18, 2011, 7:48 PM by math mad
  • New Lecture notes Available I have just written some new lecture notes on geometry. They will be uploaded soon. So stay tuned!
    Posted Jan 18, 2011, 7:44 PM by math mad
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